giftboxsetHow to make a gift box from a printable template

Gather your materials:

- Template printed onto A4 or Letter paper or cardstock

- Templates are available here.

- Scissors

- Ruler and scoring tool for fold lines

- Glue or double sided tape

Create Mini Gift Boxes in three sizes. Printable designs. For best results, print
onto paper, approx 80-160gsm.

 instruction box1

1. Print templates & cut around the outlines.


instruction box2

2. Using a ruler, and a scoring tool, score along the lines between each of the cut-out points.

NOTE: You do not have to score on the underside of the paper. Use a ruler and follow the solid
lines printed on the top of the template.


instruction box3

3. Turn the paper over and fold the sides along the scored lines into the middle (horizontal folds).

4. Fold the ends and centre over (vertical folds in this picture).


 instruction box4

5. Turn the paper over so the printed side is up.

6. Add glue to the white tabs and fold over to start forming the box shape.


 instruction box5

7. Starting with one corner, line up the tab in the corner on one of the base sides and hold firmly for a moment
for the glue to grip. Note: The base sides are square (the lid ones are cut on an angle).

8. Continue the same way for each of the corners.


 instruction box6

9. The base is now completed.

10. Fold the lid over the base, tucking the sides of the lid on the inside of the base.
This is designed to be a snug fit.


 instruction box7

Styling option:
11. Leave the end flap of the lid on the outside of the base.

12. Use a ribbon to hold the flap in place and the gift box closed.


instruction box8

Styling option:
13. Tuck the end of the lid inside the base of the box.

14. This is a tight fit (especially if you use heavy cardstock), but gives a neat finish
and stays closed by itself.


 instruction box9

Styling option:
15. If you would like the gift box to be slightly easier to open, a half-circle cut-out can be
made in the front of the box in the base section.

16. Use a 1" cutter centred in the middle of the base at the top.


instruction box10
To finish, fold the lid shut, tucking the end inside the box base.
instruction box11