triangle boxInstructions how to assemble a printable triangle gift box template.

Gather your materials:

- Template printed onto A4 or Letter paper or cardstock

- Templates are available here.

- Scissors

- Ruler and scoring tool for fold lines (optional)

- Hole Punch and Ribbons

1. Print out template onto paper or lightweight cardstock and cut around the outer rectangle shape.

2. Fold the template along the centre and diagonal lines. For best results, score along the lines before folding.

 3. Fold top of the box over the base.

4. Where the sides of the box overlap, use a hole-punch at the circle - through both the layers.

5. Repeat on the other side.

6. Thread ribbon through the top (4 holes in total). You will need approx. 30cm (12") length of ribbon.

7. Tie in a bow to secure top. Your gift box is finished!

To fill the gift box, remove the ribbon and fold open.