cake bunting

Free printable "Happy Birthday" cake bunting.


There are three templates to choose from - click on the links above for Pink, Blue or Black outline.

cake bunting

Print the Blue or Pink templates in colour onto plain white paper. The Black outline can be printed onto the coloured paper of your choice - or print onto 2 colours and alternate the flags along the thread.

Cut around the template shapes.

Fold each piece in half.

You will need 2 lengths of cotton or lightweight twine approx 40cm long - one each for "Happy" and "Birthday".

Starting approx 10cm from one end of the thread, apply glue onto the first folded triangle shape, and place over the thread. Ensure the shape has glue all over the inside of the folded parts, and that the creased section is on the string, so the pieces do not move once the glue is dry.

Add all the letter flags in order in the same way for each word.

Tie each thread to drinking straws, and add to the top of a birthday cake, angle the straws outwards a little. The bunting string should be stretched out for best results - use one set of poles (straws) for each string.

Also can be used with cupcakes.