MyPaperPlanet Christmas tree Wrapping


Easy to fold paper origami Christmas Trees - make your own gift tags, decorate your wrapping paper, or make Christmas cards.



Start with a square of patterned or plain paper.

- try Newspaper, brown paper, Christmas wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, coloured construction paper, origami paper. Thinner paper is better (not cardstock).


MyPaperPlanet christmas tree fold instructions


Use a range of coordinated wrapping papers:

MyPaperPlanet Christmas tree Wrapping1


Add a little forest of paper trees to your gift wrapping, or to the front of handmade greeting cards:

MyPaperPlanet Christmas tree Wrapping2


To make gift tags:

Start with a square of paper approx. 10cm x 10cm. Use a piece of your wrapping paper to create a perfectly coordinated tag, or something contrasting.

Fold the little Christmas tree shapes as shown in the instructions above.

Cut a plain gift tag shape from cardstock. Apply a strip of decorative washi tape along the bottom of the tag, then attach the tree shape to the gift tag.  Add a little star shape, and you're ready for Christmas gift wrapping!


MyPaperPlanet Christmas tree Wrapping4