How to make Paper Cupcake Liner flowers by MyPaperPlanet

For each cupcake flower, you will need 6 paper cupcake liners.

Cupcake flower1

Fold each paper circle in half, and then in half again.(In quarters)

Fold in half again, and then the edges into the middle, then open out again (to the quarter fold size) to add the pleats.

Cupcake flower2

Repeat for all 6 papers.

Cupcake flower3

Take two of the folded papers at a time, and using glue, attach at the centre and along one side. Leave all the pairs to dry.

Cupcake flower4

Glue the pieces together to form a flower shape.

Cupcake Flower5

Add an embellishment to the centre - use a cardstock or felt disc, or a button or rhinestone.

Use your flowers to decorate your paper crafts, make a card, or attach to paper straws to create a centerpiece.