MyPaperPlanet Paint Chip Gift Box craft tutorial


MyPaperPlanet Paint Chip Gift Box craft tutorial

To make the top:

Measure approx 2cm in from each edge of the paint chip card and score fold lines.

Cut ends to create tabs, and fold all lines.

Use glue or double-sided tape to secure the end tabs.

To make the base:

Measure approx 2.2cm in from each edge, and score fold lines. (This makes the base fit inside the lid once assembled).

Complete the base the same as the lid.

Your cute little gift box is ready to fill and give to someone special!

 MyPaperPlanet Paint Chip Gift Box craft tutorial

If you have paper punches, cut some matching shapes from another paint chip card and attach with glue. Or use ribbons or twine to hold the box together.

 MyPaperPlanet Paint Chip Gift Box craft tutorial

Other easy paint chip craft ideas:

 MyPaperPlanet Paint Chip Gift Tag craft tutorial

Make gift tags - cut a simple gift-tag shape (draw it on the back and use sharp scissors to cut around) and punch a hole. Thread with ribbon or twine.

 MyPaperPlanet Paint Chip Bookmark craft tutorial

Make book marks - these can be simple or more elaborate! Cut a narrow strip from the paint chip cards, punch a hole at the top and loop through a piece of cord. Punch paper shapes or use decorative scissors to add extra embellishment.