How to make Paper Rosettes by MyPaperPlanet

- Cut two paper strips the same size. The strip needs to be at least 4 times longer than wide - so if the strips are 5cm (2") wide, they need to be approx 20cm (8") long. If you are using 30cm long paper (12"), the width would be 7.5cm (3").


- From one end, evenly score fold lines across the paper. The wider the gap between the fold lines, the thicker the pleats will be in the finished rosette, so the closer the fold lines are together, the thinner the pleats will be, and there will be more pleats in your rosette. If you do not have a scoring tool, they can be folded by hand. The scoring of the fold lines makes them neater and more evenly spaced.

- Repeat for the second paper strip.


- Create an accordian fold (zig zag fold) in the paper strips by folding back and forwards.

- Join two ends with craft glue or doublesided tape by overlaping two sections.

- Join the other ends together the same way to create a circular shape with the pattern on the outside.


- Gently bring the top of the circular tube shape into the centre and flatten to create the rosette shape. At this stage it wont stay flat on its own (shown with a ruler holding it).

- Using glue (a hot glue gun works well), attach a cardstock disc to the centre of the rosette shape. The glue will take a little while to dry, so place a jar or something heavy enough to hold it all flat and in place (without squashing the paper) while the glue dries. Once dried, add another cardstock disc (it can be larger) on the back and glue into place to reinforce the rosette.

- Alternatively, use a flat dish or round container around the same size as the rosette shape (instead of a jar to hold the rosette flat), and use that to hold the rosette in the fanned position while the glue is drying. Add a cardstock disc to the back & glue into place.


- Decorate with additional embellishments.


To add a decorative edge to your rosette, trim one edge of the paper before you start with craft scissors or punches. Then pleat and assemble as before. The rosettes look great layered with other decorations.

 If Rosette with Elephant by MyPaperPlanetPink Rosette with Elephant by MyPaperPlanet

 Rosette with Elephant in Pink by MyPaperPlanet