How to make Tissue Paper Pom Poms by MyPaperPlanet

I love gift giving, and beautiful gift wrapping and making it look really special is all part of the process. There are many gorgeous choices when it comes to the paper and ribbons, but why not add a little bit of fabulous with a tissue pom pom flower.

They are easy to make in different sizes, for gifts or decorations.

Gather your materials:

– Tissue Paper in a pack of 5

– some nice sharp Scissors

– Wire Ties or Florist Wire

Lets get started!

MyPaperPlanet PomPom1

With the stacks of paper (5 sheets) together, open out fully then fold in half and cut into two stacks along the fold, then in half again and cut (to make 2 x large pom poms). For each pom pom you will end up with 10 sheets of paper. For the smaller gift toppers, cut in half once more. This will make 4 pom poms approx 15cm across. Keep the 10  layers together, and starting from one end, fold over approx 1.5 to 2cm As evenly as possible, fold back and forwards to create a zig zag or concertina fold.

MyPaperPlanet PomPom2

Tie the wire around the centre of the folded stack. If you are using short wire ties, thread a ribbon under the wire to ensure you can attach your pom pom to your gifts (or hang as decorations) later. If using florist wire, keep the ends long. Choose your pom pom style – either rounded or pointed, as shown with the pink lines – and cut both ends the same shape. Cutting through all the layers of the paper can be a little tricky!

MyPaperPlanet PomPom3

Fan out one end. You have 10 layers of paper, so work on 5 from each side. Carefully separate the top layer of tissue paper from the stack, and ease it outwards. Separate the next tissue layer, and bring it outwards. Repeat 3 more times.

MyPaperPlanet PomPom4

Turn your pom pom over, and work on the next 5 layers. Ease out each paper layer one at a time. Your pom pom is half done!

MyPaperPlanet PomPom5

Fan out the paper at the other end, and repeat as before. Gently ease 5 layers apart from one side, then turn over and do the other 5 layers.

If you are hanging as a decoration, fluff the pom pom into a ball shape. For a gift embellishment, slightly flatten the side with the ribbon/wire ends, ready to attach to your gift.

MyPaperPlanet PomPompic

Tissue Pom Pom with rounded petals – teamed with a ballet shoe gift tag – so pretty and girly!

MyPaperPlanet PomPompic1

Make large Tissue Pom Poms to add fun and colour to your party decor.